Behavior Technician

Long Island, NY | Part-time

  • Responsible for implementing behavior plans and skill acquisition programs developed by a qualified Behavior Analysis supervisor

  • Collect data on treatment outcomes using available data collection sheets, session notes, and other measures

  • Participate in team meetings and communications with parents, support team members, and Behavior Analysis Supervisor to provide routine updates on progress

  • Assist individuals with developmental disabilities and their support staff, either directly or indirectly, to find meaningful lasting connections in their own neighborhoods

  • Implement crisis/emergency procedures according to protocols established by Behavior Analysis Supervisor

  • Participate in routine supervision with assigned Behavior Analysis Supervisor(s) and implement changes/program modifications as recommended

Requirement: Minimum of College Enrollment or completed coursework in related area; Direct Experience in ABA/PBS; Criminal Background Check; Completion of Required RBT requirements within 60 days

**BCaBA or RBT preferred